SAAS Meetings

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at The First Tee, 915 East Mulberry Ave, San Antonio, Texas.  map

General Meetings

 Thursday, July 7, 7 pm


Sheila Hargis, Travis Audubon

 Purple Martins and humans have a special connection that goes back hundreds of years. Purple Martins thrill people in a variety of ways throughout their life cycle. This presentation will cover that life cycle, dispel some of the myths surrounding martins, touch on some of the recent research findings and highlight some of the ways that birders and non-birders alike can connect with this spectacular bird. A special invitation has also been extended to visit the stunning migration roost in Austin on Saturday evening, July 9 (see p. 2). Come to the SAAS meeting and learn more! Shelia Hargis has been birding for 20 years and loves birds! She spends most of her free time birding or thinking about birds and her passion and enthusiasm for birds and birding is infectious. Shelia teaches Travis Audubon’s “Introduction to Birds and Birding” class, gives presentations on a variety of bird topics, surveys birds for the City of Austin and the USGS Breeding Bird Survey as well as private landowners, regularly leads birding field trips and is Past President of Travis Audubon. She is currently on the Travis Audubon Board of Directors and the Education Committee and is Vice President of the Texas Ornithological Society.


Thursday, August 4, 7 pm


Ben Plummer, PhD, SAAS Member

We associate bird colors with characteristics that are attributable to human visual perception. This leads us to believe that sexual dimorphism based on color is a necessary trait that helps separate males from females during mating. We assume that through evolutionary pressures sexual selection has evolved along this heuristic avenue. But our attribution of bird morphological behavior is limited to what we humans perceive along the color spectrum. Also, color perception can be attributed to other variables than pigmentation in bird feathers. This brief presentation will offer additional perspectives about bird colorations. For example, the European blue tit shows no apparent sexual dimorphism based on color. How does the female make a mate selection? Benjamin F. Plummer is a member of SAAS. He earned his B.S. in Chemical Technology in 1958 at Iowa State University and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1962 at The Ohio State University. He served as Professor, Trinity University,1967-1976 and Chemistry Department Chair, 1976-1980. Since retiring in 2001, Ben and his wife, Gail, have traveled to 27 different countries and enjoyed time with their grandchildren in Austin. 


Thursday, October 6

at San Antonio Zoo Beastro

George Fenwick, President of the American Bird Conservancy, will be our guest
speaker for the combined San Antonio Audubon Society and Bexar Audubon Society annual dinner

Board Meetings

Last Tuesday of each month, 6:30 PM
SAAS Board Meeting
location: First Tee, 915 East Mulberry Ave.   All members are welcome to attend.



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