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San Antonio Audubon Society activities and people

Bob Doe
It's windy, the birds are hiding, let's talk geology. Bob Doe leads the SAAS field trip to the Hill Country State Natural Area. Nov. 1, 1997.
It's windy, the birds are hiding, let's catch lizards. A Texas Alligator Lizard discovered during the SAAS field trip to the Hill Country State Natural Area. Nov. 1, 1997. 
Georgina teaches that rain doesn't stop real birders on the Oct. 11, 1997 Beginner's Bird Walk. Angela Bartels
Non-beginners: Lyllian and Reiny Gursch and Richard Sims at the April 11, 1998 Beginner's Bird Walk. Angela Bartels
2002 SAAS President Tracey Norris hands Ruth Lofgren of the Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society a generous donation on behalf of the Houston Audubon Society for the refuge project, June 2002.
Debbie Engler, Mike Creese and Georgina Schwartz assist at the Judson Nature Trail during flood cleanup, July 2002. Photo by Shirley Bartels
An unexpected visitor turned up at the Nature Trail cleanup. Hey, we'll welcome anyone... almost.
The Shorebird ID Class practices their skills at Mitchell Lake, August 31, 2002. Photo by Kathy Gaudet
Patty Beasley from the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch teaches SAAS members to ID hawks at a class in September 2002. Photo by Kathy Gaudet
Chandra Hewitt, Patsy and Tom Inglet, and Beth Wilkes were among those who enjoyed the Hawk ID Class, September, 2002. Photo by Kathy Gaudet
Pullin Ranch
Pullin Ranch field trip, November 23, 2002. Participants included James Middleton, Helen Rejzek, Joyce Eggert, Mary Budd, Teresa Hillstrom, leader and host Jean Bensmiller, Ron Hillstrom, Chandra Hewitt, Georgina Schwartz, Ginger Vanderhider and photograher Shirley Bartels.
Judson trail
Judson Nature Trail, December 2002, along the Shady Trail at the SW crossing of Hondondo Creek
City Year
City Year (Americorp) volunteers pose after a day of cleaning flood debris and trash from along Olmos and Hondondo Creeks and around the Judson Nature Trail, January 2003. Thank you for the terrific job serving the community! More about City Year
Pauline Tom of the Texas Bluebird Societ (TBS) shows a bluebird house specially made for Texas at our meeting on March 6, 2003.
The Fairchild Warblers greet Pauline after the meeting, asking questions and examining the bluebird items she displayed.
Chandra Hewitt teaches grandson Ben Ayers how to use his TP binoculars, April 2003. Photo by Monica Ayers
Keith Bartels teaches sons Luke and Lyle how to bird at Port Aransas, April 2003.
Joan Miller, Elaine Stout and Betty Coleman marvel at the wonders of nature at the Beginner's Bird Walk, April 2003. Photo by Shirley Bartels
SAAS President Eric Brierley introduces honoree Ernie Roney at the May 2003 Dinner.
President Eric Brierley, Board Chairman Marianna Oglesby, honoree Erney Roney, and speaker Jeff Perry, curator of Flamingos at the San Antonio Zoo, examine the wonderful carving by James Middleton of a Yellowlegs that was given to Ernie in recognition of his many contributions to the club over the years; May 1, 2003.
Marvin Hershey, Betty Walters and Ann Seldon prepare for dinner from the private buffet line at Luby's during our May 2003 Dinner. Photo by Shirley Bartels
Yvonne Kleypas (Membership Committee Chairman), Charlotte Wenger (Membership Database Keeper), and Ernie Roney (Bird Records Committee) at the 2003 May Dinner
2003 [and 2004] SAAS Officers: Warren Stricker, Eric Brierley, Metha Leslie and Ahsan Choudary
Jonathan Sweeney, John Karger, Georgina Schwartz and Kelly Raynor at the SAAS Open House in July 2003

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Kelly Raynor holds a Peregrine Falcon at the Open House, July 2003
October 5, 2003 trip to Mitchell Lake, left-to-right: Michael Creese, Joan Lasswell, James Reveley, Lily Engles, Mariann Golden, Curt McCamy, and Lynn Lasswell; Photo by Joan Lasswell.
Mitchell Lake
November 16 2003 at Mitchell Lake. Some confusion over a bird ID. Photo by Lorraine Bratcher
Mitchell Lake
A few participants of the above trip: Ray Kutzman, Georgina Schwartz, Nita Schweitzer, Ellen Mitchalets and Sheridan Coffey.
Pullin Ranch
Pullin Ranch field trip, November 23, 2003; photos by Joan and Lynn Lasswell on their photo album web page
Volunteer Warren Stricker talks to a visitor at the SAAS booth at the 2004 Rodeo in February. The booth itself and many of the trimmings were lent to us by Bill Svelan of Wild Birds Unlimited. Many volunteers spent four-hour shifts greeting folks in the Texas Trails building.
Mitchell Lake
Ernie Roney leads the 4th Saturday field trip to Mitchell Lake on February 28, 2004. Photo by Shirley Bartels
Twenty participants gathered at the Haggard Ranch field trip of March 6, 2004. Photo by Shirley Bartels
The new entrance to the Mitchell Lake Refuge is impressive. Photo by Joan Lasswell
April 10, 2004 field trip to the Pipes Ranch, with owner Joyce Pipes in the lead. Photo by Joan Lasswell
Huge improvements to the Trailhouse at the Judson Nature Trails were made in May of 2004 with the help of Boy Scout Troop 809 and the sponsorship of Joe Bakke of the Landscape Marketplace. Photo by Shirley Bartels
Here are some of the scouts who made the trailhouse improvements, just after the completion of the raised garden for hummingbirds and butterflies. Thanks for all of your hard work, guys! Photo by Shirley Bartels
Gov't Canyon
Field trip to Government Canyon SNA on April 24, 2004. Photo by Joan Lasswell.
Metha Leslie organized the SAAS booth at the annual Solar Fest, June 12, 2004, with help from Debra Engler and Chandra Hewitt.
Participants on the 4th Saturday Mitchell Lake field trip led by Ernie Roney, August 28, 2004. Photo by Steve Hawkins
James Middleton and Ron Hillstromb at Mitchell Lake, August 28, 2004. Photo by Steve Hawkins
Sumner Dana demonstrates bird banding for field trippers at Mitchell Lake, August 2004. Photo by Steve Hawkins
A cold and rainy day for a field trip to Southwest High School on January 30, 2005, led by Helen Rejzek. They guy in the shorts must be the visitor from Montana! Photo by Joan Lasswell
It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Lounging in Allen William's backyard during the SAAS trip to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in February 2005, led by Bob Doe. Photo by Joan Lasswell
SAAS members scan La Sal del Ray (saline lakes) during the February LRGV trip. Photo by Joan Lasswell
Participants "do the loop" during the Castroville Regional Park field trip, April 3, 2005, led by Georgina Schwartz. Photo by Joan Lasswell
Field trip participants at Medina River Park on June 4, 2005, with leaders Helen Rejzek and Georgina Schwartz. Photo by Joan Lasswell
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== SAAS activities and people ==

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