Photo by Patsy Kuentz

Photo by Patsy Kuentz

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to raise the awareness of both members and the general public about the protection, preservation, and propagation of all wildlife, particularly birds, and their habitat. Efforts in pursuit of this purpose may include field trips, educational programs, conservation support, and other activities deemed appropriate by the membership.

San Antonio Audubon Society History

On January 28, 1954 the first meeting of the San Antonio Audubon Society (SAAS) was held in the office of Mrs. Ellen Quillin at the Witte Museum. At this meeting the interested parties organized a nature club, selected temporary officers and discussed the Audubon Screen Tours. Later that year at the general meeting held on May 18, 1954, the Constitution was presented and approved. The Constitution listed the purpose, the size of the board (9 directors) and set the dues at $2.00 per member per year. The 1954 roster listed forty- five (45) members.

The 1954-55 season of “Screen Tour of the National Audubon Society” was held at the San Pedro Playhouse. SAAS continued this screen series until the 1977/78 season.

The first Christmas Bird Count was held on December 26, 1955. The count was conducted in two areas, one included Woodlawn Lake, Olmas Basin, Brackenridge Park, and parts of old Blanco Road. The second area was around Mitchell Lake. In the early years the Christmas count was held in a variety of places throughout the city. Now SAAS is the official Christmas Bird Count organization for San Antonio. The bird count site is located on the south side of San Antonio and includes the areas of Somerset and Mitchell Lake.

In 1958 members of the SAAS proposed a Nature Trail in Olmas Park to the city of Alamo Heights. Plans were still continuing in July 1964 with the mayor reporting that adequate funds would be available. Funding was successful and the city of Alamo Heights dedicated the Nature Trails on November 10, 1965.

On November 23, 1969 “Audubon Nate”, written by member Dr. RL Cope started to appear in the San Antonio Light newspaper. These articles provided enlightening, entertaining, and educational information on birds and wildlife. Dick Cudworth took over the article in February 1984.

With urging from the SAAS, Mitchell Lake was made a refuge for shorebirds and waterfowl on February 8, 1973. Member Gerald Harding was the prime mover in this project.

San Antonio Audubon Society Constitution

2019 Officers

President: Mariann Golden

Vice President: Georgina Schwartz

Secretary: Mariana Outlaw

Treasurer: Robin Stevens

2019 board of directors

Christine Turnbull

Lorna Engleman

Christian Fernandez

2019 Committee chairs

Field Trips: Christain Fernandez

Membership: Tom Inglet

Bird Records: Dodge Engleman

Judson Nature Trail: Barbara Sykes

Newsletter: Lora Reynolds

Publicity: Shirley Bartels

Historian: Betty Walters

Christmas Bird Count: Dahn Windhorn

Website: Christine Turnbull

Education and Community Outreach: Patsy Inglet