Wildlife Rehab


What do I do with an orphaned baby bird?

If the bird isn’t in immediate danger leave it alone because the parents could be nearby. Baby birds (aka fledglings) leave their nest many days before they are able to fly and the parents often leave them alone while they go in search of food and only come back for feeding. Always keep all pets, feral animals, and kids far away from nests and nestlings so they don’t injure or unnecessarily stress them. If you feel that you have found an injured bird or other animal please get in contact with a licensed wildlife rehabber. Please see the links below for more information:

What do I do with an injured bird or other animal?

First, read the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) website on orphaned and injured animals: Orphaned and Injured Animals .

If it is an injured raptor (hawk, owl, falcon, eagle, or vulture), see the Last Chance Forever website.

For other birds (and other animals), contact one of the licensed rehabilitators near you. The list of rehabilitators by county can be found on the TPWD rehabilitator website.